Many projects require a host of specialists including AV integrators, space designers, architects, software developers and creative artists. In our role as consultant, we analyse the needs of our client and their stakeholders before going on to support them throughout the design process – to ensure they have the correct technology for their space and can fully execute their ideas

Our involvement ensures that the technology used is not viewed simply as a gimmick. We are not tied to specific technologies or brands, will always aim to provide low energy consumption systems and will look for open source software alternatives where appropriate. All work is completed in line with the Architects RIBA plan of work 2020, providing costs and risks at each stage.

We have a design office and engineering facilities in the Midlands (UK), which provides the base for a team with over 40 years’ experience in the audio-visual industry.

Specifically, we are involved with:

  • AV systems design
  • Building/IT integration
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Mechanical design
  • Build and site management

We have worked extensively in many countries outside the UK including Mainland Europe, Ireland and several Middle Eastern countries including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

We have a good understanding of local delivery, especially in this field of specialist technology


More Projects

AV Consultancy – 270 degree presentation, Saudi Pavilion, Expo 2017 Kazakhstan

The brief was to provide an ‘in-the-round’ projection presentation onto faceted screen surfaces. The screen measured 18m x 6m. Cobalt provided a 3D projection design for 12 projectors and a 7:1 surround sound system with automatic control.

The system was mocked up for software development before and core system testing before being shipped to Kazakhstan for installation
Partner – KCA London, Hypsos Hong Kong

  • Consulting

Communications consultancy – British Land new HQ, Marble Arch, London

The design called for a hole cut in the existing building slab to completely change the old HQ layout flow and communications. Cobalt provided the design and on-going special/technical consultancy throughout the project.

20 different meeting rooms, room booking system, video conferencing, back office integration and included some eye catching interactive and display pieces in the foyer
Partner – Morey Smith Design, GVA

  • Consulting

Communications consultancy – Broadgate Estates new HQ, Paddington Basin, London

A newbuild shell, Cobalt partnered the designers and client technology leads to deliver a simple and spare design in keeping with the décor. Functionality was still high using the google platform with 10 meeting rooms, communal entrance presentation system, elegant foyer and boardroom which could double as a fully functioning cinema
Partner – GVA, ProAV

  • Consulting

Audio Visual hardware design consultancy and project management for Attenborough Interactive – Studio DC2 Darwin Wing, Natural History Museum

Cobalt was tasked with bringing together all stakeholders within the Museum in conjunction with the BBC special engineering dept to realise the Attenborough Augmented Reality Theatre. Consisting of 60 individual screens for each visitor, multi camera and multiple projection surfaces with manual and automated control. Over the 3 years, there were many hurdles to jump, but the core vision stayed throughout, delivering a world class educational facility
Partner – Cultural Innovations, BBC, IVC Media

  • Consulting

Anna Freud Centre – New campus AV and communications consultancy and package management

Cobalt team worked closely with the design team led by Penyore and Prasad as well as the clinical and outreach teams of the AFC through the full RIBA design process. Particular attention was paid to the use of AV technology within the new campus given the sensitive nature of the work. An intuitive system with coherent visual language was produced
Partner – Penyore & Prasad, GVA

  • Consulting

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