LED projects will always require elements of bespoke design as well as the use of standard products. We work closely with our clients and partners to provide the widest possible array of options and all the details needed for the decision-making process. Our clients know that every LED Wall design we create is supported by sound engineering

Services include

  • Installation co-ordination drawings
  • Mechanical and electrical designs for approval
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Project management/Cost management
  • Manufacture & sourcing
  • Shipping
  • Installation and commissioning services

Often the installation is in hazardous locations and often outside the UK. We provide the following installation services through a dedicated team of installers:

  • Mechanical installation
  • LED tile fitting
  • Electrical services
  • Data and fibre termination
  • Testing and commissioning


More Projects

Virgin Cruises class – all LED walls mechanical design and supply, installation & commissioning

Cobalt teams provided the engineering service to develop, design and deliver the LED wall space on a new concept vessel for Virgin. Details include 7 moving, rotating and lifting LED panels in the Theatre, a portable ‘V’ shaped double-sided score LED which packs away into a giant road case! There were more movable panels in the nightclub as well as a slimline casino LED wall
Partner – Wärtsilä APSS

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LED wall replacement projects for various clients

These projects tend to involve a site survey and a design that allows for the dismantling of the existing LED wall, the building of the new framework and wall element. The installation is typically 1-2 weeks and is usually carried out in difficult circumstances. We are please to have delivered over a dozen of these projects around the world.

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Integration and delivery of Atrium Video walls for Splendour of the Seas, RCCL

Engineering co-ordination and installation services to fit a 1m wide x18m high pair of LED walls to an existing atrium
Partner – Wärtsilä Entertainment Systems/Royal Caribbean

  • LED

VIKING Orion/Jupiter – all LED wall mechanical design and supply, installation & commissioning

Working with existing spaces, Cobalt team engineered new LED products into the Atrium, Theatre and pool areas of the vessel. The frame designs were tailored to fit the current ship design and Cobalt re-worked the existing power and data allowance to work with the new products
Partner – Wärtsilä APSS

  • LED

HAPAG Hanseatic Class – all LED Walls mechanical design and supply, installation & commissioning

The brief required for 5 very high definition walls including for a 12,000-pixel panorama. There was an LED wall with doors punched through it as well as a 15m x 4m ceiling mounted LED screen.

The space was extremely challenging as were the installation conditions, but Cobalt provided excellent service to complete on time
Partner – Wärtsilä FUNA

  • LED

NCL Breakaway Plus class – all LED walls mechanical design and supply, installation & commissioning

Cobalt worked with its partners to realise the LED wall requirement for these 4000 passenger ships. We provided all mechanical and electrical design, wind loadings and interface requirements. Out local team supervised all frame manufacture and pre-testing in the UK before shipment. Our installation teams visited the vessel several times in keeping with the installation timetable to complete the installation successfully Partner – Wärtsilä FUNA

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